Why People Prefer Juddies

Why People Prefer Juddies

Juddies is a superior cut of jerky, but don't take our word for it!

Here's what people said after trying Juddies for the first time:

  • " I can’t believe I haven’t experienced beef jerky like this before. Julienne-cut is the way to go! You will never be able to go back. Delicious, easy to eat and quality you can taste… I have nothing else to say except… perfection." - Justin C.
  • "This is the EASIEST jerky to eat!!! I love how it is cut. I love jerky in general and the flavor really stacks up here. You won’t be disappointed." - Tanner M.
  • "The best Jerky eating experience I have ever had. The jerky is soft and easy to eat. You don't realize perfect the experience is until you eat traditional cut jerky in traditional bags." - Taylor S.
  • "Juddies is cut up into small strips that are easy to eat and don’t get stuck in your teeth. The bag is small enough to fit into a purse or any smaller bag (like a Fanny pack). The experience is simple, easy, and delicious." - Dallin M.
  • "Ive been on a little journey comparing jerky brands from all over. Juddies is my new favorite. Im an "original flavor kind of guy" but all four of these are seriously great. Teriyaki has emerged as an unexpected favorite. The jerky is chopped small and stripped in a unique way that actually does make it much more comfortable to snack on, especially for kids (not that I’ve been sharing much). Importantly the jerky is tender with out being overly moist/sticky. Last but not least I love that’s its not sold in huge half empty bags full of air. These are much easier to pack around. I'm sold!" - Bromley B.

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