We fixed jerky.

Julienne-cut jerky that's easy to eat and hard to put down.

  • 🦷 Julienne-cut strips don't get stuck in your teeth.
  • 👏 Wide-mouth pouch keeps hands clean.
  • ❤️ A pouch that's not 90% empty—wow.
  • 👌 Get the perfect mouthful each bite.
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Why people love eating Juddies Julienne-cut Jerky™

👍 Easy to eat!
— Thinly sliced strips are easy to grab and chew.

👍 Tasty!
— Four bold flavors with new flavors always in the works

👍 Good ingredients!
— Premium jerky with an ingredients list you can understand without a PhD.

Recent reviews

This beef jerky…. IS DELICIOUS!!! I purchased the variety packs, 1 package of each flavor offered. The jerky is tender, not tough and hard to chew as other jerky’s can be. The “Julienne” cut is a brilliant idea! I will be ordering more of “Juddies” delicious jerky!

Wendy – Utah

Couldn’t ask for a better jerky! Easy to eat don’t have to rip your teeth out to eat it. Most tender jerky I’ve ever eaten! Package is full of jerky and not half empty like other companies. Honey glazed is my favorite but all flavors compete with it for the best. Great for an outdoor hike or hunt snack easy to stick in your pack for travel.

Steve - Colorado

The best Jerky eating experience I have ever had. The jerky is soft and easy to eat. You don't realize perfect the experience is until you eat traditional cut jerky in traditional bags.

Taylor - Texas

Ive been on a little journey comparing jerky brands from all over. Juddies is my new favorite. The jerky is chopped small and stripped in a unique way that actually does make it much more comfortable to snack on and the jerky is tender with out being overly moist/sticky. I also love that’s its not sold in huge half empty bags full of air. These are much easier to pack around. Oh and the shipping has been scary fast.

Bromley - Utah

This is not your average jerky, it is the revolution of jerky. Typical jerky is a long slab of meet that is dry and you either need a power tool to get through it or a dentist on call.
Juddies is easy on the chompers and great on the tastebuds.

Ben – Massachusetts

Why Juddies is 😘👌

No weird ingredients

High-quality ingredients that you'll recognize—like "beef" and "honey." You won't be asking ChatGPT what our labels mean.

Clean teeth

Stop ripping jerky with your front teeth like an animal. Our signature julienne-cut keeps jerky bits out of that beautiful smile.

Perfect package

Our package is a perfect 2.69 ounces of glory. Our wide-mouth bag is easy to grip, rip, and dip while keeping your hands clean.

Julienne-cut: the best way to enjoy jerky.

Our signature cut makes jerky more enjoyable. Easier to eat, less messy, and more full of flavor.

Once you try julienne-cut jerky, you'll never go back.

The perfect pouch.

We spent months designing and testing the ultimate jerky pouch. No more giant bags with two pieces of jerky inside.

We gave our pouch a wide mouth and a shallow reach because no one likes greasy jerky hands.

Our pouch comfortably fits its 2.69 ounces of jerky. Why 2.69? Because 2.00 just felt wrong.

🚧 New flavors in progress 🚧

Our first four flavors are just the beginning

Wait until you see what comes next

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