The Best Jerky You'll Ever Try

The Best Jerky You'll Ever Try

Juddies Beef Jerky is the best jerky you'll ever try. Why? Because we fixed everything you dislike about jerky.

Here's What We Fixed:

1. Easy To Eat - our signature julienne-cut jerky means you don't get jerky stuck in your teeth and you don't have randomly sized pieces of meat in every bag.

2. Easy To Share - Ever share jerky with a friend, and he takes the one big piece? Every piece of Juddies about the same size, so you don't have to fear someone will take your entire snack in one fell swoop

3. Easy to Store - Giant bags of jerky are hard to carry around or store in your pocket or bag. Our bag fits in your pocket, is filled to the brim, and is shallow so you don't have greasy wrists

Here's What We Improved On:

1. Premium Beef - Since we cut every piece of meat individually, you are ensured to get the best pieces of beef that are perfectly moist and not chewy or fatty.

2. Simple Ingredients - each flavor of jerky is made with all natural ingredients you'll understand so you don't have to worry if you're eating things that are bad for you and you don't know it

3. More Bang for your Buck - Most companies give you 2 ounces of jerky in a bag. We give you 2.69 ounces in every bag. Size matters 😉