Chile Lime Beef Jerky - Julienne-cut

Each bag is an irresistible snack made with julienne-cut strips of premium beef. Juddies' thinner cut makes it easier to eat than traditional jerky and its bold, savory flavor will satisfy your craving for a protein-packed snack.

Why you'll love Juddies™

Clean ingredients

High-quality ingredients that you'll recognize—like "beef" and "honey." You won't be asking ChatGPT what our labels mean.

Clean teeth

Stop ripping jerky with your front teeth like an animal. Our signature julienne-cut keeps jerky bits out of that beautiful smile.

Clean hands

Our package is a perfect 2.69 ounces of glory. Our wide-mouth bag is easy to grip, rip, and dip while keeping your hands clean.

Julienne-cut: the best way to enjoy jerky.

Our signature cut makes jerky more enjoyable. Easier to eat, less messy, and more full of flavor.

Once you try julienne-cut jerky, you'll never go back.

The perfect pouch.

We spent months designing and testing the ultimate jerky pouch. No more giant bags with two pieces of jerky inside.

We gave our pouch a wide mouth and a shallow reach because no one likes greasy jerky hands.

Our pouch comfortably fits its 2.69 ounces of jerky. Why 2.69? Because 2.00 just felt wrong.


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